Espresso topics are 'bite' sized topics that are no longer than two hours in duration.

If you feel that you need longer on an individual topic or want a 'pic 'n mix' of multiple topics then request a Latte workshop​​​​​​​​​. If you can't see a topic of your choice, please get in contact so that we can discuss it.


• First get to grips with some basic terminology and techniques. For example, what do they mean by RAM! When do I double click v single click!
• Learn the features of the Windows operating system. For Windows 8.1 users, identify the Start screen and how to organise application (‘App’) tiles. Identify and use the All Apps screen, the Charms bar, Switch list and Quick access menu. For Windows 10 users learn the new features of the Start Button.
• Manage the Windows’ environment by learning how to pin applications to the Start Screen and/or Desktop. Get easy access to files and folders by creating handy shortcuts. Manage open windows by using the ‘Snap, Shake and Peek’ features.


• Learn how to move or copy files and folders. Rename or delete them.
• Set up your own filing system by creating your own folders and use the Favourites/Quick Access tools to get easy access to your folders.
• Use search tools to find those documents you’ve lost!


Learn how to:

• Find and connect to a network printer.
• Connect a Camera.
• Insert and eject a memory stick.