MJ Training Ltd is Mike Everton and associates. We are a small (but very personal) IT Training business​​​​​​​​​​. Together we have many years of experience in IT Training. As an example, my first course was on Windows 95/Office 95. Since then software has changed significantly. What hasn’t changed is the daily frustration we experience in using it. To cap it all, the moment you’ve mastered a version – you get upgraded and start all over again! And as for IT Training, well - on a course and waiting for that one bit that you really need? It's finally covered at 3PM and then you only scratch the surface of the topic - how ​frustrating is that. MJ Training aspires to redress this.


Traditional one-day courses are offered, but these are not the same as taking a ‘Latte’ workshop. Latte workshops group similar Espresso topics together, such as ‘Managing Data in Excel’ or ‘Long Documents in Word’ and provides more time for knowledge to percolate. With advance notice, sessions can be tailored around your files and your data. Durations are flexible dependent on topics; typically a half-day, but might be as long as two days for some of the more complex techniques such as Long Documents in MS Word.​​ Working together, we will determine content and duration.


Espresso training provides short, strong, potent and satisfying quick hits.
Focus on those topics that absolutely matter to you.
Sessions are generally no longer than two hours.​


After learning your business software, MJ Training can deliver the following types of training:

• Induction training for new starters.
• Conversion training if upgrading to new software.
• Staff training to improve the quality of user entered data​.


Espresso topics are 'bite' sized topics that are no longer than two hours in duration.

If you feel that you need longer on an individual topic or want a 'pic 'n mix' of multiple topics then request a Latte workshop​​​​​​​​​. If you can't see a topic of your choice, please get in contact so that we can discuss it.


Feel free to download our A4 or A3 booklets outlining all the various courses on offer.


Shortsharp and strongSnappy sessions of no longer than two hours that concentrate on very specific techniques.


Smoothsatisfying and hits all the right spots. Latte training groups similar Espresso topics together and is delivered workshop style. Duration depends on topics chosen. With advance notice, training can be shaped around your files, processes and data. The savings can be considerable:

A PA was taking two weeks to compile a bi-monthly board meeting report in MS Word. After an intense two-day Word ‘Latte’ workshop – time now required – half a day!


We don’t just train standard desktop applications. We pride ourselves on being able to rapidly learn your business, culture and bespoke software, and then deliver training to your staff. For bespoke business software, small, just-in-time videos might be more preferable. Contact for more details.


Click to view an online calendar for available dates, then click here to to contact or email mike.everton@mjtrainingltd.com to discuss.